Petra Besa



Beginning the piano at a very young age with Prof. Alena Vlasakova and then studying under prof. Irena Havlakova and Prof. Pavel Stepan in Prag. Between 1983 and 1987, she became fourfold laureate of the international competition “Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte” in Usti nad Labem. Soon after, as the youngest winner, she was awarded the Prize of Czech Radio, subsequently making her television debut, performing The Music from Respirium.

Enrolling in the Conservatory of Brno, under Prof. Milan Bialas, she win prize of Czech Conservatories Competition; the Janacek Foundation Award for her interpretation of the Janacek’s compositions, and the Frederic Chopin competition. Graduation from the Conservatory in 1996, she was recognized and awarded Best Pianist.

Continuing her studies at the Janacek Academy of Music, under Prof. Jiri Skovajsa, she obtained her Master’s Degree and then pursued her studies with Prof. Bruno Canino in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, in Bern, subsequently winning the prestigious Solistendiplom.

Parallel to her piano repertoire studies, she also devoted her time to chamber music, leading to her professional activity today. Since 2005 she’s been an accompanist at the Hochschule für Musik Basel and as well at the MSOSS, where she enjoys supporting young talented musicians at the competitions, concerts and auditions.

She participated in the masterclasses led by Eugen Injic, James Tocco, Walter Levin and Rudolf Buchbinder. As a chamber music player she cooperated with Andrea Bischoff, Ivo Gass, Jana and Igor Karsko, Bohuslav Matousek, Alexander Besa, Anne – Christine Vandewalle, Anja Röhn, Lisa Schatzman and with Merel Quartett, Norea Trio, Wallinger Quartett and performed at the festivals Concentus Moraviae, Janaceks Hukvaldy, Olten Classique and Murten Classic.

The long musical friendship with Jan Skrdlik allows her to come back to her motherland.